17th July, 2009

3 years and counting….

posted 5 years ago

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary last night at one of the best restaurants we’ve been to yet.

Tony’s on Richmond in Houston.  They are well known for their truffle dishes, and boy did we partake in a lot of truffles!  The evening was wonderful and we now know where we’ll be taking people for a fancy dinner in the future.

14th May, 2009

When we came home from Phoenix, our friends Cameron and Waxx had decorated our house all up to welcome us back to Texas. Gotta love them!

Pictures from our trip to Phoenix including our newest niece, Avelyn, boating with Uncle Jamie, our car ride to Tortilla Flats, and the pool party at Chris and Linda’s.

Note about photo slide shows

posted 5 years ago

If the images are going by to fast for you, or if you would like to see larger pictures, just click on the slide show and it should take you to the main site.

Pictures from the Houston flooding we had recently.  Even though the water was high it didn’t come up to the house.

21st April, 2009

Pictures of the Padres vs. Giants game we went to.  Note that Phil had fun with the new camera and all its features.

Pictures of our trip to the San Diego Zoo.

Pictures of our trip to San Diego

29th January, 2009

Nothing much…

posted 5 years ago

I promised myself I was going to try to keep this updated more.  But nothing much going on here.

I just realized that’s not the case… a lot has been happening.

We had a little scare with our younger kitten Caiden.  He wasn’t acting hiimself for a couple of days and then he started acting really sick.  Turns out he has a condition that many male cats get called struvite crystals.  Pretty much, the poor boy’s bladder was blocked up with crystals and he had to have minor surgery to unblock himself.  He’s much better now and back to his normal, albeit, Little evil self.

And then I recently had a trip to Denver for a library conference.  It started off in the mid 60’s on Thursday, but when we left on Tuesday it was -2.  I don’t think I’ve experienced temps in the negatives in quite a while.  It was a busy conference as the winter ones are when our committees get together and do our work face-to-face instead of over emails.

So I’m back now.  This weekend we’re heading up to Austin to visit some friends, then life should hopefully even out for at least a month (HOPEFULLY)

25th December, 2008

Merry Christmas!  These are PIctures from both Thanksgiving and our Christmas Events so far.


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